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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Latest Date - 5 Things

Hello Darlins!  Things have been awesome lately.  Life has been blessed and I never really realised it till the other day.  I have been getting out there and meeting people and that has been so awesome. I went on a date the other day and here are some takeaways from that date :
  1. The way you look is really only one dimension to your package.  It can get pretty amazing when you venture into other dimensions of a person and discover them on multiple levels
  2. Feeling sexy and relaxed in your skin is such a great gift you can give yourself, it just adds a whole new level to the interaction
  3. Keeping it light is always a good idea for the first date.  Letting your date unfold as you listen and explore with curiousity is also awesome
  4. When a date is a part of a glorious day and just one of the many wonderful things in your life to look forward to, you in a great space.  It is when it is THE highlight and only spark of loveliness that you should worry
  5. If you can have fun on your own, you have fun with anyone!

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